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The scientific expedition of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics to the Arctic region has completed
29 August
Science news

At the end of August a scientific expedition to the Arctic Region carried out by Ivan Potravnyy, professor of Academic Department of Management of Projects and Programs of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Doctor of Economics and Violetta Gassiy, associate professor of the Department of State and Municipal Management of Kuban State University, Ph.D. of Economics. It has been the 4th Arctic expedition carried out by scientists of PRUE.


The aim of the expedition this year was to conduct scientific studies to assess the impact on the ethnological environment in places of traditional residence and traditional economic activities of indigenous minorities of the North in the area of mining and extractive sites of the Molodo river in the territory of Bulunskiy ulus (district) within the licensed area. The customer of carrying out of research data by the group of companies JSC "Almazy Anabara" and OJSC "Nizhne-Lenskoe", which operates in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for exploration and mining of placer diamonds.


In the course of this study it is to determine the possible economic harm to indigenous peoples of the North (Evenki, Evens) and their tribal communities engaged in traditional nature use in the zone of influence of mining operations, as well as the native environment of their habitat, and to develop recommendations for cooperation between the interested parties (investor a nature, bodies of state and municipal administration, the indigenous inhabitants) in the industrial development of the territory.


During the study, researchers visited the mine diamond mining Molodo, towns Syktyakh, Molodo on the Lena river, where live the indigenous small peoples of the North, as well as Tiksi the administrative center of Bulunsky ulus on the coast of the Laptev sea. To gather the necessary information, conducted a sociological study of the life of the indigenous population by the methodology, field survey of the territory of traditional nature use, for example, the Evenki communities of fishermen in the lower reaches of the Lena river in Chekurovka. Expedition sometimes was of extreme nature: had to move by airplanes, helicopters, boats, ship, boat, and even quad bikes in the Arctic tundra. 


Research of the scientists of PRUE has received approval and support to the public administration in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic. According to the results of studies conducted in the past year, the Government of Yakutia has approved and endorsed the ethnological examination of the project of mining on the river Great Kuonamka in Oleneksky Evenki national district.


According to the Minister of nature protection of the Republic of Sakha, (Yakutia) S. Afanasiev, such studies carried out by the scientists of PREU in collaboration with scientists from other universities, including foreign ones, should be supported and recommend that all companies carry out their economic activity in the country. 

These studies were also performed in the framework of the project of the Russian humanitarian scientific Fund (RHSF) on the assessment of accumulated environmental damage caused by past business and other activities. Sergey Nosov, Professor in the Department of Management of Projects and Programs, Doctor of Economics, and Inessa Popova, a graduate student participate in carrying out this research topic.


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