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The “Engineering center” project of PRUE wins the tender of the state support contest
7 December
Campus news

​Plekhanov Russian University of Economics declared the winner of the open competition for state support of projects on creation and development of engineering centers based on educational institutions of higher education under the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.


The application, prepared by the interdepartmental team of Academic Department of Chemistry and Physics, Academic Department of Marketing, Academic Department of Accounting and Taxation under the supervision of the Director of Engineering Centre Engineering Centre Yu. Belkina was among the 11 applications that received the highest score.


All the competition received 65 applications, while the evaluation by the interdepartmental Commission of the Ministry of industry and trade and Ministry of education and science of PRUE, being the only economic University among the participants, was able to bypass most of the competition among technical universities, and even individual national research universities.


Proposed by a team of Strategic program development of Engineering Centre "Plekhanov engineering" provides a new look at the formation of such centers on the basis of the economic University with both a portfolio of innovative developments in the field of natural and technical Sciences. The development project of the engineering center based on PRUE aimed, primarily, on the development of the industry platform that provides the fullest satisfaction of needs of the real economy in engineering, scientific and technical services scientific research and educational services in the fields of "new materials", "chemicals industry" and "biotechnology". The engineering center will be a structure, successfully integrating inside commercial, marketing, research and educational functions.


The main consumers of services of the engineering center will be the enterprises of the chemical industry, specializing in the production of plastic products and raw materials for their production, including packaging and packaging materials, factories of rubber products and the enterprises for manufacture and disposal of car tires, food industry and agriculture.