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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds VI Russian business forum on cost engineering
10 November
Campus news

​October 31, 2017, PRUE held the VI Russian business forum on cost engineering.


The event was organized by a group of companies "PMSOFT" with the support of the Russian department of AACE International and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Chair of Academic Department of Management of Projects and Programs with the participation of professional communities, which are MO PMI, Eurasian Centre of project management, Association "RusRisk" and National Association of Engineers-consultants in building.


 In the framework of the forum, leading specialists of large Russian companies, invited experts for cost engineering in a panel discussion format shared their experience of creating and implementing the systems of project value management, told about its adaptation peculiarities of foreign practices and methodologies, and paid attention to the issue of turning to digital economy.


President of Russian department of AACE International, director general of "PMSOFT" A. Tsvetkov opened the conference.


Among the main reporters there were: Sean T. Regan, leading assessor of AACE, senior business-manager of Jacobs Engineering (report on international experience and recommended practices of AACE); I. Vladimirova, PhD of Economics, prof. of Academic Department of Management of Projects and Programs of PRUE (report on trends in education in the conditions of digital economy and joint programs of higher and additional education organization in the field of cost of engineering); G. Sakharov, director of capital investments of the State corporation "Rosatom" (report on the introduction of a system of value management in the organization); S. Sadovnikov, vice-president for Russian department of AACE development, director for PMSOFT development (report on the development of information technology of cost engineering).


The forum included 4 blocks:


  • "Digital transformation. Assets value management" (experts: G. Sakharov, Sean T. Regan, A. Tsvetkov and I. Vladimirova). The experts touched upon the issues of integrated management of cost and deadline in the nuclear industry, as well as the management value of assets;

  •  "International experience and practice of companies in an integrated management of value". I. Sandler, head of Management methodology and control of major projects of Gazpromneft-Development, and S. Schadrin, head of the Department for the due diligence of Gazpromneft-Development' projects, made a report on "Examination of the practice of more value in project management of industrial construction". This block also touched upon the issues of change management in projects and practice development unit prices for project evaluation;

  • "Project competence and motivation" The main reporters were Anna Bogomaz (The branch centre of capital construction of "Rosatom"), Svetlana Sidorkina (PMSOFT);

  •  "TCM NC (Total Cost Management Nuclear Construction)" was devoted to the system of integrated value management for atom branch".


The expert of the block was A. Zabrodin, Director of project management Office Industry center for capital construction report on the implementation of integrated management system value.


According to the results of the VI Russian business forum on cost engineering was announced a Memorandum of understanding between AACE International and PRUE on cooperation in the field of educational and scientific activity on the development of value engineering in the Russian economy.