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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds the section within the XXV International Christmas educational readings
27 January
Campus news

​On January 26 Plekhanov Russian University of Economics held the conference "The moral character education in the system of education: traditions and contemporaneity", which was carried out within the XXV International Christmas educational readings. The event was moderated by Mark, Metropolitan of Ryazan and Mikhaylov.


The choir of PRUE opened the conference with performing the Ukrainian national Christmas song "Schedrik". Mar, Metropolitan of Ryazan and Mikhaylov, welcomed the audience and pointed out that "the readings every time acquire new features, becoming more exciting. It is very important that this event attracts, first of all, you, young people. Russian history shows us that consciousness determines being, and the world is ruled by ideas".


The welcoming speech from Rector of PRUE, Viktor Grishin, was read out by O. Grishina, vice-rector for Academic Affairs:"The annual Christmas educational readings have become a good tradition in our country, when the glorious feast of Christmas brings people together. The readings have a very special mission, raising important issues of spirituality and morality in contemporary Russian society, they encourage us to have a good heart and enlightened mind". The deputies of State Duma of the Russian Federation, R.Mardanshin and V. Zubarev, congratulated the guests on the belated Student Day and highlighted the importance of moral education.


The president of the Charity Fund of help and cooperation of Blessed Sergius of Radonezh, S. Bezdelov, covered a topic:"The role of the Russian Orthodox Church in raising cultural standards of youth". He reported about the problems of intrusion of successfulness cult by the Western culture and news. In order to avoid them, one should work out a strategy of developing moral values in young people: patriotism, family, culture: to remember about the significance of the Russian language in our life and its culture.


L. Italyantsev, chairman of the Association of social entrepreneurs, development Director at National legal service of the presented a paper on "The moral guidance of the Russian business: the development of social entrepreneurship in Russia". L. Italyantsev reported a history of entrepreneurship, the importance of training in the field of social entrepreneurship and the role of PRUE as the first University, which trains specialists in this field.


A. Grishin, senior instructor of Academic Department of Entrepreneurship and Logistics of PRUE, made a report on:"The fate of the Russian entrepreneurship culture: how the concepts of business social responsibility have changed for the past 100 years" and told about the best traditions of the national entrepreneurship.


A. Koshkin, head of Academic Department of Political Science and Sociology of PRUE, made a report on the topic:" The patriotic feelings of students: yesterday and today", in which he talked about the necessary moral foundations of patriotism and Patriotic feelings, attachment to family and country, respect for people, their language and culture, the desire to care about people and their country.


Yu. Nikiforov, head of the scientific sector of the Russian military-historical community, spoke on "The activities of the RMHC in historical-Patriotic education of youth".


R. Valiullina, director of Educational Work Office of PRUE, reported about "The role of volunteerism in moral education of students", covered the topic by the example of the event of "Immortal regiment" and told about its aims and results.


I. Yablochkina, director of Humanitarian Training Office of PRUE, made a report on the topic:"Moral bases of Plekhanov corporative culture. History and contemporaneity" in which she told about the traditions of humanitarian and cultural education of students by the example of the PRUE's predecessor, Moscow institute of commerce.  


Anna Seylanova, student of the 3d year of Faculty of Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism and Sport Industry of PRUE, spoke on:"Training and education in Plekhanovka in 20-30 years of the XX century: traditions and contemporaneity". Anna told about the legacy of training and education in Plekhanovka in the soviet period.


E. Gladysheva, associate professor of Academic Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Political science of Moscow university of technology, presented her report:"The experience of moral education of MUT students within humanitarian education: obstacles and perspectives".


The event was attended by 5 branches of the University via internet: Ivanovo, Minsk, Sevastopol, Saratov and Krasnodar branches. During the video-session M. Bolshakova, deputy director of Sevastopol branch of PRUE, presented her report on:"Moral-patriotic education of youth: the experience of Sevastopol branch of PRUE".