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Guest lecturer from the TU Dresden held a row of lectures and creative workshops for students of PRUE
28 March
Campus news

​From March 11 until 24 2017 IBS-Plekhanov held lectures, creative workshops and round tables for students of 1st, 2d and 4th year of the faculty within the visit of Mrs Hannelore Georgi, guest lecturer from the TU Dresden, Germany.

Visits of Mrs Georgi to PRUE became a good tradition that demonstrates the solemnity of fruitful informational exchanges and multiculturalism opportunity in the European educational space.

During the lessons and free discussions there were covered urgent questions of Russian-German relations, contemporary status of economy of the country, migration flows, and also prospects of study at the partner universities of Germany with the subsequent employment in largest German companies. The following questions was of interest of the students of 1st and 2d year of study: how students live and study in Germany, where leading universities' graduates work at, what steps the Government of Germany and its citizens make for ecology protection.

Students paid a great amount of attention to student life in German universities, in particular the material about "BaFöG", the federal law of Germany on the promotion of education, which regulates the granting of scholarships and loans to students, which is very important for students of IBS-Plekhanov, continuing education in partner universities of Germany.

The lectures were held in a format of creative disputes, lively discussions, opinion exchange and became a real demonstration of a foreign competence of students which allows them effectively realize interlingual, intercultural and interpersonal communication.  ​