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Tina Kandelaki meets students of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
4 April
Campus news

​On April 3, 2018, Chief Producer of the federal sports channel "Match TV", broadcaster, producer Tina Kandelaki had a meeting with students at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.


The famous TV broadcaster told about her own history of personal development, features of career path in the media, experience as a journalist, revealed several secrets of professional success and gave a large number of useful tips to those who are seriously striving to achieve high results in training and work and make their lives better, how to be interesting to their friends and on a healthy lifestyle.


During the lecture, Tina shared her life priorities and rules she builds her life with:


  1. "Why do I do this?" "If you know why exactly you do something, you are ready to the next step. Therefore, you have a clear goal which you achieve with every further step".


2.  Tina's credo is "life is no predetermined". Your life can change completely at any moment


3.  Do not be afraid of taking responsibility.


4.  Do not be afraid of criticism. Kandelaki thinks that criticism is the queen of constructive changes. That is why we must differentiate constructive criticism from the opposite one.


In the second part of the speech, students had the opportunity to get answers to any questions they may have. Raised such topics as: the future of the world of journalism, time management, relationship to rap culture and the questions about public speaking skills.