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Knowledge Day at Plekhanov University
1 September
Campus news

​On September 1, 2018, Plekhanov University held a row of events dedicated to the main academic holiday in Russia, Knowledge Day. This year the main campus welcomed students of Plekhanov Lyceum, who continued their study at the 4th building of the University.


Rector of Plekhanov University Victor I. GRISHIN, deputy Mayor of Moscow under the Government of Moscow, head of transport and Moscow traffic infrastructure Department Maxim S. LIKSUTOV, Chairperson of Russian union of youth Pavel P. KRASNORUTSKY, chairperson of Veterans' council Alexey I. SAMSIN, Executive director of Fund of Trustees Sergey A. BEZDELOV, president of Russian union of the non-governmental bodies "Fatherland" Alexandr M. VOLOVIK and chairperson of Student Board veronica ASTAFYEVA greeted students both of Plekhanov University and the Lyceum.


Rector opened the event and congratulated all the students on Knowledge Day, "I am glad that you have joined out University that I believe will not disappoint you. We will do our best to help you get all the knowledge needed in your future career. You are one of the best, and I am happy to welcome you in our University".


LIKSUTOV on behalf of Mayor and the Government of Moscow congratulated young people on the start of student life, "I am sure that the time spent at Plekhanov University will imprint into your memory as one of the best in your life".


The guests of honor wished students success in learning, vivid creative and scientific life. 


Veronika Astafyeva took the oath of a Plekhanov student and the freshmen received the symbolic student card and the key to knowledge.


One of the highlights of the day was the Economic game, which was attended by teams of first-year students in their study groups. The task of the participants was to maximize the starting capital of the team. The game was an economic model in which the following subjects operated: playgrounds, where various tasks were presented from intellectual to demanding dexterity and physical strength; the Bank team could carry out loans, opening Deposit accounts, investing in created on exchange syndicate, enterprise mortgage, "cashing" checks; random event generators, used to make the game more realistic, random events affect both the work and pricing on the exchange and on the land market. 



3rd place – IBS-Plekhanov, the team "MMM";

2nd place – Faculty of Finance, "Lazy bread";

1st place – IBS-Plekhanov, "Plekhanov sharks".