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Business breakfast for blockchain community experts takes place at PRUE
28 November
Campus news

​On November 24, 2017, the third Business breakfast of the cryptocurrency market users Community and Ranking agency of digital economics projects estimation on the topic: "Opportunities and conditions of use the technology of distributed register in economical, industrial and social spheres".


The main event was the partnership contract signing between INO "Ranking agency of digital economy projects estimation" and Russian association of cryptocurrency and blockchain, aimed to make joint scientific and expert researches and scientific and innovational developments which define the opportunities and conditions for use the technology of distributed register in economical, industrial and social spheres (blockchain), automatized contracts (smart-contracts) and primary arrangement of goods made on its base (ICO), offers on the rules and regulations development, that define the market users relations, and the main and additional educational programs for training staff for digital economy.


The vice-president of RACAB Denis Dushnov informed that "Being a professional community of blockchain technologies market users, RACAB worries about the uncontrolled anarchy, the increased number of fraud. In this case, the Association, represented by the Ranking agency, can see a great tool of regulation, structuring, improving quality and reliability of projects' developers, investors and other market players. The joint work will let us to systemize the market, filter scam-projects and creating the methodology of the ranking branch".


The chairperson of RACAB Sergey Bezdelov stressed that the Agency is developing the blockchain platform that further will analyze all projects at the base of open data and estimation of the alliance experts in order to make the one independent reliable ICO ranking.


"The activity of the Ranking agency, working with blockchain technology, solves conflict of interests that all ranking agencies tend to have, and eliminating the present contradictions. Our Ranking agency uses the technology of distributed register and its own methodology. The opinions of accredited experts, which work online, are unchanging and objective that excludes the possibility of dependence on the customer, usually being a ranking object. The possibility of ordering a ranking estimation from a professional agency (such as RACAB) or an investor leads to no conflicts of interests and a truly objective ranking", - said S. Bezdelov.


The expert of Washington blockchain Laboratory of the World bank Aanchal Anand supported this cooperation: "Russia is becoming a leader of blockchain technologies development, and the idea of creating a distributed register of Russian and joint ICO projects ranking is really breakthrough. We are preparing an analytical report of the World Bank on blockchain projects development, and I can assure you, this direction will very soon become one of the most demanded in Russia and the world".


A new partner of the Agency, the CEO of the Agency for ICO "Chain Media" support Pavel Novinckiy told about the joint work with the Ranking agency and outlined the independence and reliability of ranking which is very important at the project's start.


Members of the Expert Council for digital economy and blockchain technologies of the State Duma, director of Institute of management and social-economical designing Nadezhda Surova and Igor Sudets told about the system of training personnel for digital economy and the new joint program "Legal basis and juridical practices of work with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects".


The chaiperson of the committee of Trade industrial chamber of the Russian Federation for financial markets and credit organizations Vladimir Gamza expressed his interest in the development of the cooperation and informed that the working group of TIC is ready to consider suggestions of cryptocurrency circulation regulation and holding ICO with the Ranking agency.


V. Gamza concluded that "Having the support of RACAB, TIC of the RF, the experience of PRUE in this field, ICO-Lab holding, the Ranking agency of digital economy projects estimation, leading experts in blockchain technologies, we are sure today that the number of interesting and good quality projects will increase".