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X international scientific conference “Modern economics: concepts and patterns of innovational development” took place at Plekhanov University
23 February
Science news

The conference "Modern economics: concepts and patterns of innovational development" took place at Plekhanov University on 22nd February 2019.


Rector Victor Grishin opened the conference and said, "Throughout the years of its existence, our University was considered to be quite a serious educational institution, was always among the first, and today we are doing everything possible to maintain the brand of the University in the quality of education and science and to occupy worthy places in the rankings. To date, the role of ratings is very high: they relate not only to higher education institutions, but also the country as a whole".


The following issues were raised at the meeting::

- Rating of educational institutions: pros and cons.

Russian and foreign experience.

- Rating of domestic universities: fashion or long-term


- What is more important: rating-oriented strategy or rating,

measuring achievement of strategic goals?

- Whether it is correct to build on the basis of criteria of rating of universities

ratings of their departments and employees?

- What" do not see " ratings and whether it is necessary to "see"?


Vice-rector for development D. Shtykhno presented his report on "Influence of ratings on internal processes in universities" and ratings are most interesting for parents and applicants, on what criteria a target model of personnel in the University is created, demonstrated the target indicators of the University development aimed at meeting some of the requirements of the ratings. "Rating affects the work of the University, it is not dominant, but makes adjustments to the principles of selection of teachers and the quality of educational material", – said the Vice-rector.


Nadezhda Polikhina, head of project office of Project "5-100", acting Director of "Sociocentric" spoke "Necessary conditions and new opportunities for increasing the competitiveness of Russian universities", which presented a comparative analysis of Russian and foreign universities in various rankings, said about improving the competitiveness of Russian universities on the world stage and spoke about the most important conditions for participation in the rating.


About the hidden threats of one-dimensional ratings told the member-Corr. RAS, Professor, Deputy scientific Director of CEMI RAS Georgy Kleiner noted that each University is a separate universe, which cannot be evaluated according to one of the criteria.  


Dmitry Kabalinsky, Deputy General Director of "RAEX-Analytics", member of the Board of Directors of JSC" Expert RA spoke about the features and limitations of the University rating, types of rating, measurement criteria, their orientation, and also reported the results of the study on" what should measure the rating?", which is based on interviews with leading employers and rectors of the best universities in Russia. Thus, 7 evaluation criteria were identified: quality of education (not citation), globalization, accessibility of education, new learning technologies, balance between accessibility and quality of education, development of intellectual environment and self-identification.


Vice-rector for strategic development and practice-oriented education of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Aleksey Zubets reported on the need for alternative methods of rating universities on the achievements of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. "Today parents of entrants are not interested in ratings in the first place. More important is the possibility of employment after training, career prospects and wages. Therefore, there should be a rating that will include all these criteria at once."


Deputy Vice-rector for master's and international programs, head of the strategic Department of the Moscow state Institute of international relations of the Russian foreign Ministry Elena Kolesnikova made a report "Evaluation of industrial universities in the world rankings", in which she spoke about the rating of narrowly focused universities, subordinated not to the Ministry of education.


About the ranking of regional universities told the rector of the Ural state University of Economics Yakov Silin, who stressed the need to create rankings for regional schools, as they have quite different capabilities and goals.


General Director Of the rating Agency Round University Ranking, editor of the international ranking of universities Round University Ranking Oleg Soloviev presented the idea of creating a "Rating of the future", the purpose of which will be the selection of the "University of dreams" of the entrant on the basis of his personal data uploaded to the network (by himself).


The impact of rankings on academic reputation of the universities by the example of PFUR was told by the head of Department of ratings of Russian peoples' friendship University Christina Kerdivar.


At the end of the meeting, Director of relations with Russia and CIS countries of the China international public relations Association (CIPRA), Professor of Tsinghua University Sun Yue spoke about the Chinese experience of rating educational institutions.


According to the results of the conference will be released a collection of scientific materials, which will include the main conclusions and recommendations on the rating of higher education institutions.