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Representatives of Plekhanov University take part in 19th European conference on knowledge management
20 September
International news

​Lecturers of Academic Department of Applied Computer Science in Management and Knowledge Management M.A. Afanasyev, N.V. Dneprovskaya, A.I. Urintsov, O.V. Staroverova, N.V. Komleva, Yu.V. Nefedov, I.V. Pavlekovskaya, T.V. Vnukova, M.S. Klyachin took part in 19th European Conference on Knowledge Management.


The conference took place at the University of Padua (Italy) on 6-7 September 2018. Traditionally the event gathers circa 300 participants from all the continents to discuss the issues of knowledge management. The main attention of researchers and practitioners this year was focused on the prospects of digitalization of society and the economy, the concept of smart cities, the application of methods and technologies of knowledge management in various activities.


Plekhanov University presented reports on the researches' results, united by the common topic "Research on digital transformation of the economy" and implemented within the grant of President of the Russian Federation:

- Digital Transformation of Knowledge Management Process;

- The impact of digital transformation of the Russian economy on the knowledge management processes;

- Evaluation Indicators of Knowledge Management in the State Service;

- Content Assessment in Knowledge Management Systems;

- Change in Knowledge Representation in Digital Economy.


The reports aroused a huge interest from the side of scientists from various countries and eventually the lecturers of the Plekhanov's chair were offered to cooperate in further researches.


The conference's materials are available on the website.