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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds III International scientific and practical conference «What controller of the future should be? Role and place of control in digital economy”
30 October
Campus news

​On October 26 and 27, 2017, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics held the III International scientific and practical conference «What controller of the future should be? Role and place of control in digital economy".


Information technology, on the one hand, simplify the life of humanity, providing an opportunity to solve a variety of problems from your personal account gadgets. On the other hand, in proportion to the development of technology risks increase. Thus, according to GROUP-IB Internet banking daily legal entities with the use of malicious programs are made successful attack to the average amount of theft of 1.25 million RUB.


Key issues of the conference were associated with the introduction of the system of state Supervisory authorities technologies, not just providing information security, but rather warning of the crime.


While opening the conference, rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Victor Grishin, noted that the solution of such tasks as the establishment of a state-level security systems with preventive action principle, the introduction of big data technologies and artificial intelligence in government and business services requires a rethinking of personnel policies and the qualification profile of financial controller taking into account the increasing analytical function. It is this vision are guided in PRUE in creating programs of undergraduate and graduate programs for financiers and tax officials.


"The technology of the future require a different audit quality. With a large number of violations we need to shift the control functions in electronic format, to improve quality control and prevention of threats", said the rector of the University.


The rector's idea was continued by the head of the Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov, noting that Russia is one of the breakthrough countries in the field of integration of IT solutions in public services, but because the training of professionals needs to keep pace with the technological revolution, in the midst of which we find ourselves.


"Now, using the Internet, we have significantly reduced corruption risks in the interaction of inspectors and oversight. In the future we plan to create an infrastructure that will not be punished for violations, and proactively correct them and execute Advisory functions, both for individuals and for business", – finished his speech Noskov.


In turn, the head of the Federal Treasury Roman Artyukhin identified important risks: "Because of the modern innovative economy is created on the basis of a single data array, any slightest vulnerability may contribute to hacker attack and this is why in the new economy you must, first and foremost, to focus on training and implementation experts in cybersecurity, machine learning and big data Analytics. This needs to be proactive professionals with flexible thinking".


The conference was attended by over 250 representatives of business, government agencies and analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation. The debate was broadcast in 13 branches of PRUE.