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Anna Dokukina, Associate Professor of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, stepped out with a report at the Tenth International conference “Financial policy in terms of economical crisis” at Ulaanbaatar
23 December
Campus news

On the 17th of December 2015 Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) Anna Dokukina, associate professor of the department of industrial economics​, Ph.D of economics, stepped out with a report "Innovative infrastructure: problems of innovative development,  innovation transfer and commercialization of results of scientific and technical developments in Russian Federation" at Tenth International Conference  "Financial policy in terms of economical crisis" organized by Mongolian State University in cooperation with Ulan-Batorsky branch of PRUE.


At the annual event the representatives of the Russian Embassy in Mongolia, experts of IMF, managers and consultants of the World Bank took part at the event. Also there were reports of scientists and specialists of the Asia Foundation, Institute of Business MongGU and Ulanaabaatar branch of PRUE were presented. They discussed the issues related to regional development, the Russian-Mongolian cooperation, national programs of financial literacy of population, and the development of international business in terms of sanctions and characteristics of the focus on Aisian countries with regard to the conditions of innovative economy.