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Plekhanov University of economics holds XIX Russian Championship “What? Where? When?”
20 May
Campus news

Last weekend Moscow carried out XIX Russian Championship “What? Where? When?”, gathered over 80 teams from 30 cities.

The strongest expert sixes, which included well-known players of the First Channel Club and “My game”: M. Potashev, A. Vasserman, E. Ovdeenko, E. Talybov, M. Skipskiy, S. Mereminskiy, M. Malkin, I. Semenova and others, fought for the main prize.

 The second day of the game took place in the first building of the main campus of Plekhanov University. During three rounds, the teams tried to reach the top positions in the championship’s score. Two teams represented Plekhanov University: “Solitary men” and “Moscow assembly”; they got a high level of preparation to such a prestigious championship.

Following the results, the capital team “Borsk Shipbuilder” took the main prize, second and third places were given to St. Petersburg teams “Kiribati” and “Working title”.