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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds the graduation party and «Plekhanov pride 2017” awarding ceremony
17 July
Campus news

​On July 14, 2017, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics held the solemn awarding ceremony "Plekhanov pride 2017" for the excelled graduates.


The party began with the rector of Plekhanov University Victor Grishin's welcoming speech. "Dear graduates, you have made a bright and serious step, which must let you find a good job, feeling confident on your career's growing path. The University behind me has a 110-year history, and this history says that all graduates of Plekhanov University – over 150 000 for today – have proved themselves in every scope of activity: administrative, industrial, and scientific, wherever they have been. I would like you to understand that it is not when your study age terminates. Today life constantly challenge us to improve ourselves. I hope that those of you, who will not continue to study here, join our graduates' Association. As PRUE is a big family. And I hope that you will proudly carry Plekhanovka's name".


The guests of honor, who participated in the awarding ceremony "Plekhanov pride", attended the University: L. Ogorodova, deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation, K. Kosachev, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for international affairs, V. Ryazanskiy, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for social policy, S. Bezdelov, director general of LLC "INTER RAO SERVICE", executive director of the Trustee Fund of PRUE, Yu. Yakutin, vice-president of FES of Russia, A. Smekhova, the Honored Artist of Russia, actress, singer and broadcaster, and A. Nemov, four-time Olympic champion, president of Sports club of PRUE.


The awarding ceremony "Plekhanov pride 2017" had five nominations: "For achievements of special merit in study" (Mariya Baranova, IBS-Plekhanov; Darya Roschina, Faculty of Mathematical Economics, Statistics and Informatics; Darya Travina, Faculty of Economics and Law); "For scientific dedications" (Vasilisa Klimashina, FMESI; Ekaterina Kostikova,  Faculty of Finance; Vasiliy Proskurin, Faculty of Finance); "For an active public activity" (Denis Osipov, FMESI; Oxana Perova, Faculty of Trade Economics and Commodity Science; Alina Uvarova, Faculty of Management); "For creative achievements" (Valeriya Biriukova, Faculty of Management; Stepan Korovin, Faculty of Finance; Tatiana Tymchik, Faculty of Management); "For sports achievements" (Mikhail Bolkvadze, Faculty of Finance; Islam Ibragimov, IBS-Plekhanov; Evgeniya Yakuts, Faculty of Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism and Sport Industry).


"Plekhanov pride 2017" award went to Mariya Baranova, Vasilisa Klimashina, Alina Uvarova, Tatiana Tymchik, Evgeniya Yakuts. All the nominees received the guests of honor's congratulations, and got the awards from them: Nike, memorable medals, IDs and certificates of the record in the Book of Honor of PRUE.


Members of Plekhanov University also congratulated the graduates: P. Karasev, vice-rector for Education and Methodology work, S. Valentey, scientific advisor of the University, D. Shtykhno, vice-rector for Development, O. Grishina, vice-rector Academic Affairs, T. Voronova, vice-rector for HR Development.


Then the celebration continued with the awarding of prestigious diplomas. This part of the celebration was opened by the Senior Dean of Plekhanov University, Dean of HRTSI Vladimir Zhidkikh, saying on behalf of all the deans congratulatory speech to the graduates. Thereafter, each of the deans presented to graduates of the faculty with prestigious diplomas.