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Student Business Week 2019 in Wroclaw: «Innovative Solutions in Project Management»
15 April
International news

From 8 to 12 April, 2019 Inga Koryagina, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Finance, Alena Sosunova and Valeria Dmitrieva, first-year students of the Faculty of Finance took part in the Business Week 2019, organized by Jarosław Tomaszewski, the Head of the International Department of Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa, and his team: Klaudia Klimczak, Agnieszka Lesiak and Khrystyna Martsyniuk.


The Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu was founded in 1998 and now it is a part of an Association of 8 Banking Schools, which currently represents the largest Educational Association in Poland, where is studying with 17,000 students in different languages.


International Business Week was attended by students and teachers from 9 countries: Belgium, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, and Russia.


During the Business Week participants listened to lectures and participated in workshops related to Innovative Solutions and Design Thinking in Project Management, conducted by Daria Lewandowska, Associate Certified Business Trainer, a Project Manager in world's top high-tech multi-national corporations and Damian Derlukiewicz, Deputy Vice Director of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information, Head of the Visualization and Virtual Prototyping and Creative Designing Labs.


During the study, students gained knowledge in the field of Design Thinking and learned how to conduct researches of potential consumers in practice, analyze obtained data, identify problem issues for users and create a prototype of the finished product. They also visited the Consumer Preferences Research Laboratory based on eye movement and a Commercial Laboratory for conducting experiments for companies in the Wroclaw Polytechnic University.


On the final day, 6 teams presented their innovative projects and self-made prototypes of ticket vending machines for local citizens and tourists and received high appreciation and recognition from the jury: Jarosław Tomaszewski, Head of the International Department, Damian Derlukiewicz, Head of the laboratory of Creative Design and Mariusz Gasek, President of “Solid Solutions”, representative of the City Municipality of Wroclaw.


Marek Natalli, Vice Rector of the Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa, addressed the participants of the International Business Week with a solemn speech.


All participants were awarded certificates and memorable presents.


During the business week, I.A. Koryagina conducted a lecture for the International Entrepreneurship Master degree students of the Higher Banking School on the topic “How to be an Ambassador of my own Business”.


During the week of I.A. Koryagina met with Joanna Nogiec, the director of the Student Exchange Department, to organize student exchanges at the Finance Faculties of both Universities, and conducted the lecture for Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu MBA students.


Also, I. Koryagina met with Tomasz Rolczynski, Head of the Finance and Accounting Department, and Tomasz Kopyscianski, Dean of the Faculty of Financial Management, agreed on further Scientific Cooperation and presented the journal with their scientific publications published by the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics under the guidance of O. L. Shemetkova, the Dean.


During the business week, I.Koryagina was invited by Professor Stefan Forlics, Rector of the Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa, and personally thanked for their Cooperation and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Universities.