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Minister of foreign affairs of Great Britain Boris Johnson visits Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
25 December
International news

​On December 22, 2017, Minister of foreign affairs of Great Britain Boris Johnson visited Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and had a meeting with its students. Mr. Johnson thanked the audience for the reception and pointed out the exclusivity of his visit to Russia, which is 100 years after the October Revolution. In his speech, Mr. Johnson expressed his love to Russian people, their language and culture. "I am a Russophile" – said Boris and emphasized that Russia and Great Britain have many things in common.  


Minister had to add the sad fact of the tension of the current political relations between the two countries. He urged to be forward-looking in one's actions and choice, and be able to take responsibility for one's decisions. Mr. Johnson confessed that a vital part of his visit to PRUE for him has been the dialogue with the young generation, which now has the opportunities to avoid the second Cold war. Addressing to future economists, the Minister said that he considers an integral part of a successful free market economy. "We, the representatives of Russia and the UK share a common view on freedom: free markets, freedom under the law, freedom to express your mind, despite all sorts of threats".


After the Minister's speech, rector of PRUE Viktor Grishin had his word. He expressed solidarity with Mr. Johnson in the aspect of the current political situation: "We should talk to each other more in order to understand each other".


Later there was a direct dialogue between students and Boris Johnson, who happily answered their questions. He admitted that the true joy of his student years was communication in the environment of wonderful young people from all over the world, and noted how good it is to live in the age of globalization. In the matter of the tendency of Chinese entrepreneurs "to invade the British market" by taking over some companies, Johnson said that he supports this investment and the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, until it affects the national economy of the UK.


After the dialogue with students of the University, Boris Johnson thanked the participants for the meeting once more and left his sign in the Book of guests of Honor of Plekhanov University.