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Government of Kemerovo oblast are interested in applied scientific developments of PRUE
8 May
Campus news

​In Russia, the development of the digital economy and cross-cutting technologies, one of which is the blockchain, is defined in the program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation", approved by the order of the Government of Russia dated 28.07.2017. №1632-R. one of the main objectives of the program is to create the necessary and sufficient conditions of institutional and infrastructural nature for the creation and (or) development of high-tech projects of the digital economy in Russia.


Now, Russia can make a technological breakthrough, using a new explosive technology – blockchain at an early stage of its development. The breakthrough, which, with the right application of technology, can significantly accelerate the economic development of the country in a few years, create new industries and markets, improve the level and quality of life of people.


Thus, Institute of management and social-economical designing of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics defined the priorities for 2018 concerning R&D: the development of blockchain-based applications and platforms, the implementation of projects of digital economy, including in the public-private partnership (PPP), in particular, the project "Energy opportunities in the digital transformation of the economy", which aims at setting up a PPP Data centers (blockchain mining parks) as new possibilities for digital transformation in the investment industry, financial system and economy, as well as the efficient use of generated heat for heating of the residential districts of the municipalities and regions. The project was developed jointly with BitBaza LLC, Radius Group Company and received the support of the energy Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the government of Krasnoyarsk region.


On May 5-6, 2018, the Government of Kemerovo oblast held a row of meetings aimed at increasing the investment attractiveness of the region and assisting in attracting investors for the development of digital economy and mining projects as a process of supporting blockchain technology in the form of the development of an Industrial Park of digital technologies, which was attended by Deputy Governor of Kemerovo oblast Stanislav Cherdantsev, representatives of the government of the region, members of the Expert Council of the state Duma of the Russian Federation: Director of Institute of management and social-economical designing Nadezhda Surova and CEO of BitBaza Daniil Zakomolkin and Artem Zverev, as well as representatives of the largest Chinese factories for the production of mining equipment Ebang Communication and BitMan.


Deputy Governor of Kemerovo oblast S. Cherdantsev supported the University' project: "The development of digital technologies is a priority for the region. We have created territories of advanced socio-economic development in the Kemerovo region, which provides preferences on the tax base and support for the project in the form of participation in regional targeted infrastructure development projects".


"It is a necessary term of developing digital transformation of economics and business in Russia to develop projects of creating infrastructures for blockchain technologies support" – underlines Nadezhda Surova.


The project was prepared by experts of PRUE together with industrial partners as a pilot model of the national transformation of the energy and socio-economic system of Russia, which will ensure the restoration and creation of energy and production facilities, transport and social infrastructures, the creation of new highly qualified places, the attraction of foreign capital, the optimization of state and regional budgets by reducing the costs associated with the heat supply of residential neighborhoods, improving the system of energy consumption and energy saving, including by developing blockchain platform energy trader.