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Representative of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics gave a comment to RIA News the admission of students from CIS countries
1 April
Campus news

Anna Krukova, head of the organization and the visa department of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, in discussion with the correspondent of RIA "News" told about how the admission of students from CIS countries is organized, recommended them the most relevant faculties and specializations in these countries.


"The most relevant for students from CIS countries are programs on directions "Economics" and "Management" because they are not strictly linked with any national or regional legislation. They are "Accounting", "Analysis and audit", "Finances and credit", "World economy", "Economics of enterprises and organizations", "Management of restaurant business", "Marketing". Among other directions of training I emphasize the problems that in equal measure attract attention to themselves of Russians and inhabitants of post-Soviet states. They are "Jurisprudence", "Customs business", "Trading business", "Applied informatics".


Anna Krukova commented on the question on stable interest to PRUE from the side of CIS citizens: "The popularity of the university is primarily due to its success in the field of education, the high positions in the most rigorous "Audit quality", both national and international. Applicants choose Plekhanov University because they appreciate classical fundamental education. Nearly 90% of graduates from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, are employed within one year after returning home".


Also, the chief of the organization and visa department of PRUE recalled that the citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Republic of Georgia (which have a temporary residence permit in the territory of the Russian Federation) are still entitled to enroll in our University on the budget places on the general competition on the basis of the internal entrance tests.