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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds the freshmen project “The Active School”
25 October
Campus news

​From 19 to 22 October 2017 for the 19th time was the project of the Student Council of Plekhanov University "The Active School 2017". This year there were more than 900 questionnaires on participation in the School asset, of which 120 were selected, which were divided into 12 teams. It is worth noting that this year participation in the project for the first time took command of the branch, 10 freshmen from Smolensk will implement the experience at home.


Within 4 days the participants were trained in the skills of effective team work, by visiting such trainings like time management, creativity, leadership, making command decisions, psychological team roles, design, presentation, and many others. Main job was the conveyor of ideas, during which participants developed projects on the topic for implementation in the University.


Throughout the School, the expert council, consisting of graduates of the Student Council of PRUE, estimated the team. The winner of the School asset was the team "ActiONtime", demonstrating creativity, cohesion, leadership and discipline.