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Another meeting of Academic Council of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics terminated
30 March
Campus news

On the 29th of March the meeting of Academic Council of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics was held. Main topic of the Academic Council consisted of five questions.


The first question to discuss was the issue of conferring academic degrees.


The second question was, according to the order of the day, the issue of the choice of deans for faculties and the head of the department of political science and sociology of PRUE. Candidates provided their reports on the work of headed structural subdivisions for previous period and plans on its developments for three years. On the results of voting at the position of the faculty of hotel, restaurant, tourism and sport industry dean Tatiana Voronova was elected, at the position faculty of finance dean Olga Shemetkova was chosen, at the position of the head of  department of political science and sociology Anrdey Koshkin was elected. After that the competitive selection of teaching staff was held.


The third question was devoted to the results of scientific activity at PRUE in 2015 and the goals of increasing the competitiveness of scientific potential of the University. The report was prepared by Vitaliy Minashkin, vice-rector for scientific activity of PRUE. In the report the results of scientific and research works of structure subdivisions of the University, the questions to stimulate scientific activity were discussed, increase of citation index in non-commercial systems SCOPUS and Web of Science, creation o small innovative enterprises.


The fourth question that was examined was concerning system development of additional professional education within unified educational complex that was presented by Sergey Shibaev, vice-rector on additional professional education of PRUE. In his speech Mr. Shibaev analyzed the structure of realized additional education programs at University underlining the opening of DBA in 2015 and showed the dynamics of listeners and popularity of programs in the last 3 years. On this question also stepped Larisa Kartashova, dean of the Plekhanov Business School Integral, and T. Semenova, dean of the faculty of additional professional education at Saratov branch of PRUE, who told about their experience of realization of additional education programs.


After discussion of the questions from the category "Different" Academic Council terminated its work.​