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Another meeting of Academic Council terminated at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
29 June
Campus news

On 28th of June at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics another meeting of Academic Council took place. The main agenda of the Academic Council consisted of four questions.


The event began with the official part. Ruslan Khasbulatov, head of the department of world economy, once again congratulated PRUE with the win at All-Russian competition of departments and educational programs "Economics and mamangment-2015". Professor Mikhail Joffe got the diploma of Russian association of business-education". Honorary diploma in connection with the 55th anniversary Vladimir Melnikov, director of Smolensk branch of PRUE, was awarded.


First question was dedicated to election of deans of faculties, head of the department and competitive selection of PPP. For the position of the business academic of marketing and entrepreneurship dean for a year Larisa Danchenok was chosen. In her presentation the dean presented a report on the work of the faculty for the current academic year, the main objectives and development plans: the growing number of students, the development of new programs, the development of programs with disciplines in the English language; socially significant and image projects: «MINI MBA Entrepreneurship support: business incubation and development of innovative projects", "Unified training program for court-appointed trustees," "Assessment and attribution of works of art"; report on the international faculty activities (cooperation with Baltic International Academy).


For the position of the dean faculty of electronic learning for two years Natalia Dmitrievskaya was chosen. In her presentation she told about the achievements of the faculty. Serious educational and methodological work was hosted on: development of methodological framework for the implementation of OPOP faculty (59 curriculum, RAP 313, 3 rules); preparation of the schedule of the current appraisal of faculty on a regular basis, implementation of online services for students. In addition to the educational activities of the faculty carried out the work in the following areas: preparation of documents on education graduates externs, students of FEE, preparation of academic certificates and much more. Also on the faculty is organized and carried out GIA certification in 13 specialties and 6 directions of bachelor degree.


Bogdan Vasyakin was chosen at the position of the head of department of psychology for 3 years. He told about activities of the department and presented the program of development for a new election date. Then the competitive selection of the teaching staff took place.


The second one, according to agenda, the question on preparation to the new academic year was discussed. Aleksey Bolvachev, vice-rector for educational and methodological work , in his report told about the plan of student enrollment for 2016, an increase in applications for full-time studding, reducing the teaching load, optimization of ongoing educational programs and development of new (excluding branches), four flagship programs, bachelor degree educational model concept, extending the range of English-speaking and Russian-English-language educational programs, methodical support of the educational process, development and approval of six new local regulations, changes in classroom fund.


Ilya Pravkin, vice-rector for the development of infrastructure, offered the report on readiness for the new academic year of educational and administrative buildings, dormitories, classrooms, said about the completing of the restoration of the educational building № 4 and the opening of the church by October of this year. Sergey Shibaev, vice-rector for additional professional education, told about fire safety and anti-terrorism, preparation for the educational process of colleges' premises.


With the third question on the work of Academic Council in 2015-2016 academic year presented Galina Rudenko, academic secretary, providing information about the executed work of the Council and the formation of its work plan for the next academic year.


After discussion of the questions from the category "Other" Academic Council terminated its work.​