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The international teams with participation of the students of the Faculty of Finance were awarded the 1st and 2nd places at the Third PROMINENCE Intensive Programme: Practising Cultural Intelligence across Cultures (17-19 November 2021)
23 November
International news

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-23 at 09.46.19.jpegThe Faculty of Finance of Plekhanov University represented Russia in the international online project «Practicing Cultural Intelligence across Cultures» bringing together students from different countries to develop a new product and its marketing promotion campaign for various European markets.


An international team of professors from 7 universities successfully held a repeat of last year's Third PROMINENCE Intensive Programme: Practicing Cultural Intelligence across Cultures. This student training programme was originally developed under the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership PROMINENCE Project (Promoting Mindful Encounters through Intercultural Competence and Experience, 2017 -2021) to create a global thinking of students and expand their opportunities for further employment. The project is based on a transnational approach that creates a process of gaining practical experience, thinking and action in a truly international and intercultural framework.

Fifty-five students from across Europe took part in this year's intensive programme (IP). Students from 5 of the original partner universities: University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia), Debrecen (Hungary), Katowice (Poland), Savoie (France), the University of Economics - Varna (Bulgaria), and newbies Howest University (Belgium) and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow) worked on international marketing strategies in virtual cross-cultural teams, with the University of Mont Blanc Savoie hosting the event online. This year's event expanded on the original partnership, by including professors and students from universities in Belgium and Russia.

To be selected for the project, students have to conduct a preliminary research of a key product in their country. After passing the preliminary stage, students have to join teams of 7 participants and develop a marketing plan for the given brand for the markets of the countries of the participating universities. During the IP, the students had to develop marketing campaigns for focal brands in different European markets.

Dr Stephane Ganassali, Associate Professor at the University of Mont Blanc Savoie, summarised the objectives of this final IP:

"We wanted the students to experience all stages of product development in the beer market, within an intercultural context. Students' task was to take into account cultural differences in two European countries and define their marketing mix accordingly. Students were assigned to international teams and were collaborating via online tools and they could enjoy a truе immersive cross-cultural situation."

The Intensive Programme again had to be held online in response to the recurring COVID-19 outbreak. Still, the virtual version turned out to be a great success. Dr. Troy Wiwczaroski, Associate Professor at Debrecen University and the PROMINENCE Project Coordinator, commented:

"What we witnessed transpiring was our project's true goal coming to fruition: mindful, respectful and cooperative communication towards reaching a common goal, through openness, honesty and personal dedication to a task and especially to one's team. I could not be prouder of my colleagues or the student participants."

8 international student teams were evaluated by two international juries. The international student team with participation of Andrew Savin was awarded the 1st place and the international team with participation of Anastasia Voronkova was awarded the 2nd place by the 2nd International Jury of the project. 

The international team with participation of Timofey Yamashev was nominated for the best design of the product by the 1st International Jury. And the international team with participation of Dmitry Zaitsev was nominated for the development of the most consumed product by the 1st Jury. 

The Russian student team of the Faculty of Finance was supervised by Inga Koryagina, the Head of International Division of the Faculty of Finance and Associate Professor of Marketing Department and Olga Muratova, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages №1.


Inga Koryagina as a first time participant of the 2nd International Jury shared her impressions on the project:

«It was a fair professional and international atmosphere created by the input of every participant from a student to a professor. Everyone was involved and participated with their full enthusiasm and potential. Finally, we all have become a unity focusing one goal of making this world friendly and cooperative».