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The address of Dmitry A. Shtykhno, Vice-rector of PRUE to foreign students
19 March
Campus news

​Dmitry A. Shtykhno,  Vice-rector for Strategic Development and International Affairs tells about distance learning of foreign students of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.




What should foreign students do: to study distantly or to go back home?

I would like to advice our foreign students listen to your parents' or relatives' opinions as well as the opinions of the representatives of the home university and the Embassy representatives. Their advice is actually the best for you to follow.

If there is still airline connection with your country, maybe it is better to go home and to stay with your family.

At the same time if you don't want to travel or you cannot travel, please stay at the dormitory as long as you wish. Please join our online classes together with Russian students.


If a foreign student does not plan to go home (does not want to or can not travel), will it be possible to stay at the dormitory?

We don't have any limitations neither to enter or to leave the dormitory, it is yours until the end of your studying. Students are not and will not be asked to leave the dormitory. Please, keep using dormitory, observe all the necessary sanitary rules and take care of yourself.


If a foreign student wants and can come back home, what should (s)he do?

If you would like to leave the University and go home, of course, it is possible. Just make sure that you have observed all formalities. Please notify in written form the International office, the Dean's office of Plekhanov University and the Administration of the dormitory. There is no need to come to the University in person. It is enough to scan or to make a photo of your letter. But still if you wish, you may come in person. Once you get the confirmation on receiving from all these three authorities, you are free to travel.

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