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The Business incubator of Plekhanov University hosted webinar «B2B sales in the USA market»
22 July
Campus news

​The Business incubator of Plekhanov University hosted webinar «B2B sales in the USA market». 


The webinar's speaker was Tatyana Lyubimova, CEO and co-founder of the startup www.Particle.One («quant in a cloud» technology). The company was registered in the United States in April 2019 and raised seed round $2.5 in November 2019. Tatiana Lyubimova is a graduate of the Class Alchemist 22, Alchemist speaker and mentor.


The event was supported by MIPT Alumni startup & VC community.


The speaker shared her experience with aspiring entrepreneurs, told about startups that should enter the international markets and how to apply the international accelerators.


Webinar participants saw and learned:  

1. How do I find the first clients outside Russia?

2. Do I need to have an American company at the beginning? How to make American and European clients pay Russian legal entity?

3. Why should CEO sell?

4. Why do I sell my product and vision to employees and investors?

5. Why do I need a network and how can I convert it into transactions?

6. How to write cold emails and use LinkedIn?

7. How do clients influence the conversations with investors?

8. Is it possible to raise more than $1M just with a presentation without sales?

9. How to find technical co-founders and whether they participate in sales?

10. How long does B2B sales cycle last in the USA?

11. How to earn money by consulting?

12. Important points of selling consulting services with the transfer of intellectual property.