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Students of PRUE are finalists of the competition for young researchers Research Got Talent
15 August
Science news

1.pngThe interunitary team of PRUE-OSU under the scientific guidance of associate professors of the Marketing Department of Plekhanov University Inga Koryagina and Galina Timokhina became a finalist of the international competition of young researchers "Research Got Talent," organized by the international research association ESOMAR. The competition allows professionals from all over the world of business to apply their talent and experience in solving strategic tasks of the non-profit sector. 

A student of the Higher School of Cyber ​ ​ Technologies, Mathematics and Statistics Dmitry Vorontsov and his team leader Oleg Ivanov from Oryol State University developed a symbiotic marketing model for the non-profit organization  "Trust. Hope. Love" to help people with mental disabilities of the organization. 

Working Under the project 120 representatives of the target audience were interviewed, the successful experience of similar organizations was analyzed, specific projects were proposed to increase the involvement of visitors to the center and a model of interaction between the state, business and NPO was developed. 

NPO’s management and external experts highly estimated  the practical orientation of the project and the opportunity to apply the proposed recommendations into practice.

The video of the final is available at the link.