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Scientists of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics have increased the efficiency of modeling the developed biopolymers using digital twins
12 January
Science news

4Y1A5745 (1).jpegThe use of "digital twins" of biopolymers can significantly reduce the time spent on conducting experimental studies. Usually, the duration of experimental studies of biodegradation characteristics is at least two years. The use of "digital doubles" allows you to reduce these terms several times.

"This approach has significantly reduced the time spent on studying the characteristics of biodegradation when creating new compositions of biopolymers, as well as their physical and mechanical properties. And, consequently, to accelerate the process of bringing new products from such materials to the market", - says the head of the research team, Ph.D. Alexander Bobkov.

Currently, taking into account the stricter requirements of legislation in the field of ecology, such biopolymers are in great demand on the market. In particular, one of the main directions of using biodegradable polymers is the production of packaging materials without a plastic trace as part of the implementation of the ESG agenda.

The use of "digital twins" of biopolymers makes it possible to predict the characteristics of biodegradation and physico-mechanical properties of new compositions of the developed biopolymers at the modeling stage.

"The expansion of the line of compositions of low-density polyethylene and natural rubber will allow potential consumers to flexibly choose a biopolymer with the required biodegradation characteristics and physico-chemical properties for its subsequent use. In addition, the cost of the compositions will also differ due to the different ratio of the components used" - says the developer of the biopolymer Yvette Varian.

The need to expand the line by creating new compositions is due to two factors: firstly, a significant increase in the values of biodegradation with an increase in the proportion of natural additives; secondly, an increase in the cost of production of compositions with an increase in the proportion of natural additives in the composition.

Currently, on the basis of the created "digital twins" of biopolymers and algorithms for calculating the characteristics of biopolymers, a software product is being developed for the selection by potential consumers of a biopolymer with the required physical and chemical characteristics.