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PLEKHANOVRussian University
of Economics

Founded in 1907

Russian economy in a pandemic: challenges and solutions. PRUE hosted the Plenary Session of the XII International Scientific and Practical Conference «Modern Economy: Concepts and Models of Economic Development»
18 February
Campus news

​The rector of the PRUE, Ivan Vasilievich Lobanov, congratulated the participants of the Plenary session on the 114th anniversary of the university, noting that the university is approaching the holiday on the rise and thanked those who work productively, put their soul and attention into the education of the younger generation. Ivan Vasilievich noted that Plekhanov University has many traditions and that it is one of them to start celebrating a birthday with a scientific discussion.

«This conference is dedicated to the main problem of this year - COVID-19. We disagreed on the timing of the end of the pandemic, but were unanimous in recognizing its negative impact on the economy and social sphere. The common position of our science has initiated solutions to neutralize the consequences of the waves of COVID-19. Understanding the role of science in the fight against a global disaster predetermined the issues that are discussed at the conference»said Ivan Vasilyevich Lobanov.

The participants in the Plenary session discussed the prospects for the transition from supporting the economy to its restructuring, directions and mechanisms for protecting national security, positive and negative trends in digital development in Russia and in the world. The speakers noted the need to unite industries to combat the consequences of the pandemic - the creation of interdisciplinary teams of economists, lawyers, IT, specialists in other fields of knowledge. Such a systematic approach will help to better understand the issues of increasing the efficiency of working with Big Data, fight cybercrime, develop healthcare, computer technology and the economy.

Summing up the discussion, moderator, head of the Scientific Research Association of the PRUE G.V. Plekhanov Sergey Dmitrievich Valentey emphasized that the pandemic revealed such new places of «market failure» as the fight against digital inequality and with different opportunities for obtaining vaccines from COVID-19. And these are not purely Russian, but global problems. In these areas, governments need to engage in dialogue and learn to negotiate, the professor said.