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Rector of Plekhanov University Victor Grishin has given an interview to Forbes
31 July
Campus news

​The Rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Victor Grishin spoke in an interview to Forbes Education about long-term development tasks and the challenges that modern University faces. He said that entrepreneurship will be the «clue element of the development philosophy» of Plekhanov University in the framework of the Strategy'2030.


Entrepreneurship is a «way of life and thoughts». It will be implemented not only as a universal discipline like a method of training but an element of the university's corporate entrepreneurial culture. «For us entrepreneurship today is both an attitude and a mindset, experience, knowledge and skills – in general, everything that will allow a person to be successful in the economy of the future based on knowledge and digital technologies», - Viсtor Grishin said.


The rector also spoke about the challenges arised in connection with the implementation of the entrepreneurial University's concept. The main focus will be on making the University more flexible and open by creating effective horizontal ways of working, as well as by attracting leading scientific experts from the international educational market.


At the end of the interview the Rector noted the role of university education in the modern people's lives. He highlighted that every successful graduate should have a variety of competencies and knowledge.