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Rector of PRUE shared the experience of comprehensive multi-level financial education system at Moscow International Salon of Education
6 May
Campus news

On 6 of May Viсtor I. Grishin, the Rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, spoke at the roundtable talk «Youth's financial culture as a driver of financially literacy behavior of the population» at Moscow International Salon of Education. The roundtable discussion was organized by the Association for the development of financial literacy.


Victor Grishin spoke about centenary experience of financial literacy education system at Plekhanov University. He emphasized the importance of financial literacy in population's education: «Obtaining of practical skills in working with financial instruments in digital era is one of the key tasks of professional financial education. We believe that only a comprehensive multi-level education system can be truly effective in improving the population's financial literacy».


The Rector told about the university history, its role in the development of financial education in our country. He noted that the university takes part in different programs for improving the population's financial literacy: Family financial Festival, Olympics for school children, master classes, games and other events. Also the professors of PRUE created textbooks and online courses on financial literacy including «Fundamentals of financial literacy» for non-economic specialties and work on improving the skills of methodologists in this field.


The Rector noted that this work is been continued even in period of pandemic - the lectures of advanced training programs are held online.


In conclusion, Victor Grishin emphasized that improving the level of the population's financial literacy has not only economic, but also a great social importance. It helps people to navigate the modern world, avoid problem situations and threats of being the fraud's victims, plan their incomes and expenses, set financial goals and effectively achieve them.