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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics has risen by 2 points in the ranking TOP-100 universities in Russia according to RAEX Agency
18 June
Campus news

​Rating RAEX Agency(RAEX-Analytics) has created the ninth annual ranking of the best universities in Russia RAEX-100. Statistical indicators and surveys results of more than 60 thousand respondents: representatives of academic and scientific community, students, graduates and employers have been used in the preparing of the ranking.  

The ranking includes educational institutions from all federal regions of the country. Russian universities got the highest positions in terms of indicators related to international integration – the amount of scientific publications and citations as well as the percentage of foreign students.

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics grew up by 2 points at once against the last year position. This is the most noticeable growth among universities in the TOP-20 ranking. 

The better position in the ranking PRUE could be managed thanks to the strengthening relations with the employers. According to the indicator «demand on graduates by employers», Plekhanov University entered the TOP-10 universities in Russia (the 8th place), and according to the indicator «conditions for obtaining a quality education» –  the TOP-15 universities in Russia (the 14th place). 

The ranking's authors noted that for many years the applicants steadily have been interested in the leading economic universities and for education in which the applicants' parents were ready to pay a good money. Among ten universities with the highest education price the half of them are economical universities.


However, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics continues to the policy of providing quality education by reasonable price due to the scale of the university (more than 50 thousand students in main university campus and its 20 branches). Reasonable price policy allowed Plekhanov Russian University of Economics to take the first place among Russian universities (third place in the world) to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education in the TOP-100 world universities in impact rankings for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. (the Impact Rankings 2020). In 2020 the cost for studying at the university for first-year students remains at level of 2019 and will be the same for the entire period of study. 

More information about the results of the ranking by RAEX (in Russian) can be found on the website.