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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics - the University for the future elite according to Forbes
24 June
Campus news

Forbes has presented a new TOP-100 Russian University Ranking. This year Plekhanov University has risen by 5 points and for the first time entered the TOP-15 of elite universities in Russia taking the 14 place. 

This year Forbes has adjusted its ranking methodology. 

The indicator  «quality of education», which was based on data of performance monitoring of Ministry of Science and Higher Education before, now has a new parameter – «quality of teachers». 


The parameter «international activity» now includes the share of foreign students who study at the university, international internships and joint double diploma programs with foreign universities. On this indicator Plekhanov University has significantly improved its result and has taken the 15th place. 

In the respect to «quality of graduates» indicator that had been changed a little, Forbes found out the graduates from which universities were more attractive to employers. A survey of major Russian companies was conducted jointly with the service «Avito job». The leaders of these companies answered the following three questions:

  • Which university graduates did you hire in 2019-2020?

  • Which recent university graduates (up to 5 years) got promotion in 2019-2020?  

  • Which university graduates would you like to hire as a priority? Which of them in your opinion are the most qualified?


59 companies employing about 4 million people in total took part in the survey. The larger the company, the more weight it has. In the respect to indicator of the most sought-after graduates Plekhanov Russian University of Economics has risen by 2 points and has taken the 8th place among Russian universities. 

The «Forbes factor» indicator reflects the prestige of the institution and considers the universities' positions in the leading foreign rankings, such as the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education ranking. In addition, this indicator takes into account the number of a university's students and recent graduates are in Forbes's ranking of promising Russians «30 under 30», as well as how many children of the richest Russian businessmen (list of 200 persons) study or have studied at the given university. 

For the first time Plekhanov University was ranked by Forbes in 2016 indicating that the University was on the 25th place in the world by the number of dollar millionaires among graduates in the list of the richest people in the world.   

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