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International students of PRUE participated in the industrial tourism development program "More than a Journey", organized by the ANO "Russia the Land of Opportunities" and the International Department of PRUE
17 August
International news

ed95ed39-e916-4f0f-9864-19846ce3fb22.jpg​A group of 40 PRUE students, guided by O. O. Grineva, representative of ID, visited agricultural firms of the Kaluga region and got acquainted with the history and culture of the region.

This is the second trip of PRUE foreign students in the format of industrial tourism, united tourist attractions and visits on industry leaders. This trip the group included representatives of Vietnam, Mongolia, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Turkmenistan.

The students were accompanied on the trip by I.A.Koryagina, Associate Professor of the Department of Marketing, International Office of the Higher School of Finance, E.A.Okunkova, Associate Professor of the Department of Corporate Governance and Innovation, Deputy Director of Higher School of Management for Pedagogical and Career Activities.

The travelers got acquainted with the production cycle of the "Swiss Milk" farm, the winner of the "100 Best Goods of Russia" competition, visited the Optina agricultural firm, tasted the products of the Kozelskoye Moloko brand. The historical part of the trip included with a visit to the famous Optina Pustyn Monastery, a place of pilgrimage for great Russian writers and thinkers.

In Kaluga, the students were greatly impressed by the Museum of the History of Cosmonautics, where you can see the lunar soil and visit inside spaceships. The final chord of the trip was a visit to Europe's largest art park "Nikola-Lenivets" and acquaintance with the masterpieces of land art.

Nguyec Dyc Cuon, 2nd year student of bachelor program High School of Management, wrote to organizers: "These impresssions of Russian nature beauty  in Nikola Lenivets and Russian Science Victory in Museum of Cosmos will alwas be in our hearts".