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Employees of Engineering Center of PRUE are the authors of the article about creation of high-efficiency current sources
19 May
Science news

​The employees of the Engineering Center of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics published their article in the journal Renewable Energy (Q1 in the category Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment; CiteScore 2018 = 6.16; Impact Factor: 5.439). The article is dedicated to the creation of high-efficiency current sources based on low-temperature heat sources. 

The authors of the presented study achieved the highest published value of the Seebeck coefficient, that opens wide opportunities for practical implementation of thermoelectrochemical converters. 

Direct conversion of heat energy to electricity is an extremely promising direction due to the lack of moving parts, wear, and no need to maintenance and repair. However, modern semiconductor thermoelectric converters work effectively at temperatures above 200 ℃, and they are extremely expensive and difficult to manufacture. 

The proposed development has an operating temperature range of 0-100℃, does not have expensive components and easy to manufacture with similar efficiency indicators. At the same time, thermoelectrochemical converters can have a flexible and even stretchable design, which  expands the scope of their application. 

HIGH SEEBECK COEFFICIENT THERMO-ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL USING NICKEL HOLLOW MICROSPHERES ELECTRODES / Igor Burmistrov, Nikolay Gorshkov, Natalya Kovyneva, Evgeny Kolesnikov, Bekzod Khaidarov, Gopalu Karunakaran, Eun-Bum Cho, Nikolay Kiselev, Denis Artyukhov, Denis Kuznetsov, Alexander Gorokhovsky // Renewable Energy. – 2020. – Vol. 157. – P. 1-8.