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Big data for choosing a university - an updated "Applicant's Navigator" from PRUE and Information Agency "Russia Today"
8 April
Campus news

​Plekhanov University and "Russia Today" presented a new information and analytical resource "Professions, Salaries, Universities: Applicant Navigator 2021". Its goal is to help high school graduates find their bearings when choosing a university.

PRUE projector Dmitry Shtykhno at an online conference dedicated to the launch of the project, spoke about the process of its creation. The resource is based on big data on professions and salaries for 2020. As part of the work carried out, more than one million current vacancies and more than 500 thousand resumes from all over the country were processed daily.

Dmitry Alexandrovich noted that the updated resource is important for the admission campaign, management decisions at the university and for predicting the migration of graduates.

Sergey Valentey, head of the research association at Plekhanov University, emphasized that for Russia, this is the first such study with such a complete coverage.

"With the help of the automated system for monitoring offered salaries, developed at the PRUE, we processed tens of terabytes of information from the websites of recruiting agencies. The results obtained open up not only new possibilities for analyzing and assessing the socio-economic development of individual regions and the country as a whole, but also allow young people to make an informed career choice", — said Sergei Dmitrievich.

Thanks to the resource, applicants will be able to choose professions according to how they are recorded in the real sector of the economy, and not how universities represent them. Students and their parents will be able to correlate the costs of education and the salary offered at the end of the education.

The platform developer, Sergey Belov, senior researcher at the laboratory of cloud technologies and big data analytics of the PRUE, noted that the resource will continue to develop.

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