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The fifth jubilee project “Plekhanov Fest”
3 June
Student life

From 29 May to 1 June 2019, Plekhanov University's Anapa camp for the fifth time carried out the interbranch contest of students' creativity "Plekhanov Fest". This year students from Moscow and 16 branches of the university, including the abroad ones from Erevan, Ulan-Baatar and Minsk, came to take part in it.


 The entertaining program insisted of 3 competition days in various direction: musical, dancing, original, media and video introduction and the Gala on the last day.


During those days, the festival held master-classes and trainings by the jury members, which were:

Sergey Fanasov – participant of the "Dances on TNT channel" project, soloist of A. Rybnikov Musical Theatre;


Ekaterina Svetlichnaya – Winner of "The Battle of the Streets" in the nomination "Experimental", finalist and winner of Vibes 015 in the nominations "hip-hop" and "house";

Yana Blinder – singer, composer, producer, participant of "Voice 3", the "Bravo" band's soloist;

Kit Rane – vocal coach, songwriter and composer;

Viktor Butusov – actor, comic actor, participant of "Open microphone", "Comedy Battle";

Ksenia Semenova – actress of Moscow Theatre ZHIV, KVN director;

Pavel Krikunov – Plekhanov University alumnus, advertisement, clips and short films maker;

Renata Khusainova – laureate of the speech contest "Master of word", Editor-in-Chief of "VTSentre" newspaper, and editor of "Alpha Alphabet" book.  


On the first day of Fest students presented their theatre and original performances.

  • In the nomination "Circus art", a student from Moscow Daria Medvedeva took the main prize, whereas the second place went to a student from Ivanovo branch Elizaveta Krasnova;
  •  In the nomination "Artistic word", Raul Mamedov from SSEI took the first place; Anastasia Parfelova from Minsk branch took the second, and I degree prize-winner was Alexandr Kablukov from Tula branch;
  •  In the nomination "Original item" Alexandr Martynov from Krasnodar branch was I degree laureate, II degree laureate happened to be the STEM of Volgograd branch "Compliment";
  • Winners in the nomination "Theatre of small-scale forms" were students from Volgograd branch Marina Sokolova, Oxana Koltiugina and Alexandr Adamenko and Artem Sarkesyan from Bryansk.
  •  Grand-prix of the genre went to the KVN team from Voronezh branch "New people".

 The second day was all about dancing. The prizes were the following:

  • "Modern dance" – I degree laureate were students from Moscow Diana Baykova and the team YT DANCE CREW. Ekaterina Morokina from Ivanovo and the Dancing team of Krasnodar branch took II degree prizes, III degree went to Sevastopol branch's Dmitry Nedostup and "PlekhanovFamily";

  • I degree prize-winners was the dancing team from Voronezh "INSIGHT", Elena Bogdashkina from Volgograd and duet from Perm branch, including Ksenia Gadalshina and Daria Goloschapova;

  • The nomination "Street dancing"'s laureate was a student from Krasnodar branch Arina Bondareva, I degree prize-winner was the dancing team from Bryansk "Blitz";

  • The winner of the nomination "Ballroom and sport dancing" was a duet from Saratov social and economic institute Kristina Esina and Anton Leonov;

  • The main prize in the nomination "Folk dancing" went to Burnebaatar Maralgua from Ulan-Baatar branch and the ensemble of folk dancing of Pyatigorsk branch "Novruz".

 The Grand-prix in dancing went to Daria Lozhnikova and Yuriy lemeshkov.

 The third day was all about music. The prizes were the following:

 "Variety vocal":

I degree winner – Nikolay Mikaelyan from Orenburg branch;

II degree winner – Ekaterina Tarasova from Smolensk branch.


I degree – Anna Temnyakova, Moscow;

II degree – Ekaterina Parfenova, Moscow;

III degree – Daria Zhuravskaya, Pyatigorsk.

"Academic vocal":
I degree winner – Andrey Shikhov, Krasnodar;

I degree laureate – Vladislav Biryukov, Voronezh.

"Folk vocal": Dmitry Atamanov, Evgeny Denisov, Maria Levchuk, Anastasia Ivanova (ensemble), Saratov; Olcha Badarchi, Ulan-Baatar.

"Instrumental performance":  Stepan Poluyanov, Perm.
"Jazz": Anastasia Umlauf – Ivanovo. 
"Author and Bard songs": Olcha Badarchi and Battsengel Batbaatar, Ulan-Baatar.
"Rap": Alfred Simonov, Erevan branch.

The nomination "Video introduction" went to Sevastopol branch.


 The Media genre, the nomination "Best Camera Work":


  • "Dancing film" - Igor Prokofiev, Krasnodar;
  • Nikita Ermilov, Voronezh;
  • Ekaterina Telepina, Dmitry Atamanov, Anton Leonov, Saratov.

    The "Best photo project" went to Tatiana Nesterova from Saratov branch.


The final day of the project held the Gala, which ended with fireworks.