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Event description:

​Modern territorial marketing and geobranding offer to solve the issues of attractiveness of the territory by its possible differentiation through image and reputation, as well as through creation and strengthening of territorial identity. What features can be takes into consideration by geobranding specialists in today new communicative reality? 


The Higher school of management «HEG Arc», Neuchatel, Switzerland and the Department of advertising, public relations and design of the Faculty of Marketing of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics are having jointly series of webinars  «Territorial marketing and branding: Swiss experience».  

You will learn how tourism is organized in Switzerland basing on analysis of media texts and interviews with marketing managers, you will learn about the structure of Swiss geobrands and their promotion programs. 


We will also examine the problem associated with multilingual versions of the websites of these geobrands. Is it enough to make simple translation of the content of a web page or travel offers to convey the desired message to the target audience? We will try to answer this question together by analyzing the texts of websites. On the webinars will be analyzed the features of the concepts and promotion of  «smart» cities.  

On Webinars on territorial marketing and geobranding will take part:

  • Julia Wirth, Associate Professor, the Higher school of management «HEG Arc», head of the center Runo (Swiss-Russian scientific-educational Center)
  • Marina Shilina, Professor, Department of advertising, public relations and design, Faculty of Marketing.
  • Maria Terekhova, student of the Department of advertising, public relations and design, Faculty of Marketing. 

At the webinars experts will talk about the main geobrands of Switzerland and its development, discuss problems related to the attractiveness of Switzerland in the Russian tourist market and analyze specific cases.  

Registration for the event is mandatory and possible by mail:


Event time:
from 10:30 AM - 11:55 AM, 25 Jun 2020
Department of advertising, public relations and design