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Program Committee


Viktor Grishin

Ph.D. of Economic sciences​​​​​​, professor, rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics​.​​​

Roman Artyukhin

Candidate of Juridical sciences, Head of Federal Exchequer​​
​​​​​​Mikhail Beskhmelnitsyn

Ph.D. of Political sciences, Head of control and analytical service of the President ​of ​JSC "RZD"​

Valeriy Goreglyad

Ph.D. of Economic sciences, professor, the chief auditor of the Central Bank

​Evgeniy Danchikov

Candidate of Economical sciences, the chief of the main control Directorate of the city of Moscow
Viktor Dvurechenskikh

Candidate of Philosophical sciences, the Chairman of the Chamber of Control and A​​ccounts of Moscow​

Sergey Ivanov​

Candidate of Juridical and Economical sciences, the first Deputy Chairman of t
he Federation Council Committee on budget and financial markets​
Valentin Letunovskiy

The Deputy chief of the control Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation

Sergey Stepashin

Ph.D. of Juridical sciences, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the state Corporation - Fund of assistance to reforming of housing and communal services

Yuriy Chikhanchin

Ph. D of Economical sciences, director of Federal service for financial monitoring.

karmokov.pngKhachim Karmokov

Candidate of Economical sciences, State Councillor of ​the Kabardino-Bulkarian Republic