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The VII International Scientific and Practical Online-Conference "Education in the Humanities at Economic Universities"


Dear colleagues,

Department of Foreign Languages No. 1 of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics invites education experts, academic researchers and pedagogical workers to take part in

VII International Applied Research Conference

with face-to-face and virtual participation

which will take place from November 01 to November 28, 2018. 

Enrolment period (virtual participation): November 01 to November 20, 2018.

Plenary Meeting: November 27, 2018.

End-of-the Conference Session: November 28, 2018.




Aim: to reveal the issues of teaching humanities to future economists and define possible options.

Venue: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Conference Sub-forums:

1.                  Foreign Languages 'Teaching foreign languages in an economic university: challenges and prospects'


1. Methodological aspects of foreign language teaching in a non-linguistic University.

2. Linguistic and cross-cultural competences of business experts in modern business.

3. Technologies and tools used for foreign language training in higher education.

4. The role of translation in student's linguistic training in universities of economics.

5. Teaching Russian in the 21st century: tradition and innovation.


2.                  Humanities 'Raising efficiency in training world-class experts in Russian higher educational institutions in economics'.


1. Some theoretical and methodological issues of teaching humanities in universities of economics.

2. Modern formation of students' mindset in the course of teaching humanities.

3. Multimedia training programs as an educational process component in universities of economics.

4. The issue of a young economist's morals shaping: evidence from the history of Russian business.

5. Social, cultural and psychological features of   professional education of economists.

6. Ethics as an integral part of higher education in universities of economics.

7. Cross-disciplinary communication as an integral part of training process in universities of economics.

8. Aesthetic education of a personality in the system of education in the humanities in universities of economics.

9. The place and role of physical training in universities of economics.


3.                  For young scientists and experts "Tendencies and development fields of modern science – views of young scientists and experts in economics".


1. Young expert's view on linguistic education prospects in universities of economics.

2. Theoretical and applied problems of economics.

3. Theoretical and applied problems of psychology and pedagogics.


Conference  Registration Fee  for one paper (coauthors – no more than three, pages – not fewer than 4  and no more than 8):  1 500 RUB.


Conference Registration Fee provides receiving the following suit of services (regardless of the number of report pages and the number of coauthors):

• paper/article publishing and editorial work;

• post on the website;

• personal numbered electronic certificate of international conference attendance with paper title indication;

• link to the paper published on the conference website;

• paper publishing and editorial work in on-line conference proceedings with assigned collection of materials an international ISBN;

• Russian Science Citation Index indexing.


All papers are peer reviewed by independent experts from Russian Plekhanov University of Economics and other higher education institutions of Moscow in accordance to the scientific area of study. Papers are passed over to reviewers without any personal data indication (blind reviewing). Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent them are authors' private property and referred to as confidential.

Payment is made after the paper is approved by the Conference Organizing Committee and only after the authors receive a positive peer review notification.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject the materials not conforming to the requirements of scientific contents and correspondence to the paper template.  Papers are published in author's edition.


Conference Languages: Russian, English.


To participate:


- from October 22 on but prior to November 20, 2018 fill in a registration form on the conference website and upload the paper in the link "Registration";


- within three working days after obtaining the notice of the positive peer review notification upload the scans (copies) of financial documents in the link "Payment":


1) INVOICE (public offer contract) for payment of participation in the conference,  

2) ACT of acceptance of the rendered services,

3) RECEIPT of conference fee payment.


All paper authors are awarded downloadable personalized certificates issued in the electronic form.


 Conference website:  eheu.rea.ru    

available from October 22, 2018