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​Development of methodological approaches, models and methods of assessment of population health condition, getting the stability classification in the regions of Russian Federation by this indicator in terms of imperfection information on morbidity

The consumer of the research

Russian Foundation for Basic Research 


The value of the research

600000.00 rubles


The branch of PRUE - performer

Academic Department ​of Mathematical Methods in Economics ​


Date of the beginning of research

Date of termination of research

The list of conferences and other events where the results of the research were presented
International scientific and practical conference entitled "Topical issues of ensuring the quality of life in Russia"


The list of articles with emerging data where the results were published
Ryzhakov, G.V.   On estimate of the gradient of the hypersingular integral equation solution with use of some numerical scheme  (Conference Paper)


Emerging data of the articles

AIP Conference Proceedings 11th International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2013, ICNAAM 2013; Rhodes; Greece; 21 September 2013 through 27 September 2013 Volume 1558, 2013, Pages 400-403 



Other research on this field