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The consumer of the research

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics


The value of the research

600,00K rubles 


The branch of PRUE - performer

Academic Department of History


Date of the beginning of research

Date of termination of research

The list of conferences and other events where the results of the research were presented
Constitutional forum entitled "Constitution in the age of globalization"


The list of articles with emerging data where the results were published
Koshkin, A., Katusheva, K.,Bolvachev, A., Yablochkina, I. Life balance of Russian students (by the example of students of the finance department of Plekhanov Russian university of economics)


Emerging data of the articles
Review of European Studies Volume 6, Issue 4, 1 September 2014, Pages 182-201

Review of European Studies


Other research on this fi​eld