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​​PRUE offers research supervising for English-speaking postgraduate students in the following scientific areas:

  • Chemical Science: High-Molecular Composition
  • Informatics: Information Systems and Processes
  • Industrial Ecology: Commodity Research of the Foodstuff and Product Technology of Public Catering
  • Economics: Economics and Management of National Economy; Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit; Accounting and Statistics; Mathematical and Economy Tool - Methods; World Economics
  • Social Sciences: Social Structure, Social Institutes and Processes
  • Political Science: Political Institutes, Processes and Technologies
  • History: History of Russia
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Science: Ontology and Theory of Knowledge

    Download the list of scientific areas in which PRUE offers research supervising in foreign languages (English, German, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.)

    At present time, there are relevant scientific themes with the option of research advising for foreign young scientists and postgraduate students:

    Marketing of culture-based products in Russia
  • Marketing strategy effectiveness (the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing
  • Sustainable development (sustainable marketing) of the region, city, company
  • Effectiveness of entrepreneurship governmental support
  • Social entrepreneurship, public-private partnership
  • Management of Innovation
  • Development of software for intelligent information retrieval in heterogeneous distributed information resources
  • Cross-cultural characteristics of human resource management
  • Educational services, management in education, educational marketing
  • Foreign Trade, International commerce
  • Theory and methodology of effective hotel management. Marketing and management in tourism sector