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Methodology and system of hybrid intellectual and economical models and instrumental means to analyze and variant prediction of the rates of social and economical development on federal and regional levels

​​The consumer of the research

Russian Foundation for Basic Research 


The value of the research

800000 rubles 


The branch of PRUE - performer

Academic D​epartment of Informatics 


Date of the beginning of research

Date of termination of research

The list of conferences and other events where the results of the research were presented
Actual problems of implementation of state industrial policy in Russia and abroad


The list of articles with emerging data where the results were published
Rodionov, V.N. Exact solutions for non-Hermitian Dirac-Pauli equation in an intensive magnetic field


Emerging data of the articles

Physica Scripta Volume 90, Issue 4, 1 April 2015, Article number 045302 ​

Physica Scripta


Other r​esearch on this field