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Students' Dormitory

Dorm 3.jpg

The central campus of Plekhanov University is located in the very center of Moscow, half an hour's walk from the Kremlin. Students' dormitory is only 5 minutes' walk away from the campus.

Each room in the apartment is equipped with: A bed, beddings, desk and chair, cur-tains. Bathroom is shared between double and triple roommates​.

Remarks: The units and rooms are not equipped with any other supplies (dishes, toilet paper, towels, detergent, etc.). You can bring these things with you or purchase them after arrival.

Shared facilities (for all the international students): Refrigerator, microwave, kitchen-range, toaster, TV, cooking utensils (pot, fry-ing pan, knife, cutting board, etc.), laundry room. Free Wi-Fi is available.​


The dormitory is guarded 24 hours. Rent is paid on a monthly basis (approx. 3570 Rubles, see currence converter site), no deposit is required. There are two options for accommodation: double rooms and triple rooms.


  • Please keep the furniture and other facilities in order and don't forget that you will be fined for any damage done to University's equipment or property.
  • There is a Zero Tolerance Policy to drugs and alcohol (including beer and wine). Smoking is prohibited in each hall of the dormitory.
  • Because of the need for maximum security visitors can stay in the building only till 11:00 P.M.
  • With the aim of security protection policemen can check documents. We ask you to understand the importance of such control and to cooperate with the police. The absence of registration marks in your documents for a right to stay in the residence can be a reason for deportation from Russia.