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The Cultural Center systematically works with students to arrange their leisure, develop their creativity, and enhance their sense of art. Great attention is paid to educating for respect for universal human values. An important part of its work is students’ involvement and training for participation in interuniversity, regional festivals and city events.
 There are creative groups and associations at the Center:

  • Studio of classic vocal «Elegy»

  • Pop vocal group

  • PRUE Guitar Club

  • Dance studio «Helikon» (choreography, jazz-modern, club dances, contemporary, and stage ensemble).

  • Literary society

  • Instrumental music club

All lessons at artistic groups and associations at RC “Congress Center” are free.
Some of the Center's major activities are:
1.  Organization University's events:

  • University's Day

  • Celebration of Victory Day in Great Patriotic War

  • Graduation parties and an awardings

  • «The Proud Student of Plekhanov University» Ceremony

  • Knowledge Day

  • Conferences and summits

  • Arts festival «Plekhanov Stars – New Names» 

  • Festival of artistic youth « Plekhanov  Spring»

  • Performance of artistic youth «Concert for the First-Year Students»

  • Literary soiree – as a part of the Student Council project «Poetry Soiree»

2.  Students' projects events:

  • Concert of the studio of classic vocal «Elegy»

  • Concert of the pop vocal group

  • Concert of the dance  studio «Helikon»,

  • «PRUE Guitar Club» recital

  • «Plekhanov – Oscar»   

  • «Mr PRUE»

  • «Miss PRUE»

  • «Student Shо

  • «Dance School» – as a part of Student Ball for the University Day preparation

3. Organization of interuniversity events:

  • Moscow Interuniversity Festival of Students Art «FESTOS»

  • Moscow Universities Military-Patriotic Programs Contest «Victory for the Future »

  • PRUE Interuniversity Art Festival «November Meetings»​

  • Moscow Youth Patriotic Contest «Spring 1945»

  • Moscow Interuniversity Festival of Art Songs

Artistic groups’ members participate in the performances at city celebrations and events as well as at traditional benefit concerts at different venues of Moscow.

 Cultural Center