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How did you get to be in Russia? 

Why Plekhanov University?

How do you find the studying at the University?

And what about your career?

PRUE foreign students and graduates answer these questions and share their opinions on the studying at

the University.


      Mathias Bruck (Austria) 

      graduated from IBS-Plekhanov faculty in 2015


Hannes Grabia (Hochschule Wismar, Germany), master programme "Entrepreneur management" exchange semester at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics was one of the most interesting experiences in my life. Knowing Russia and Moscow only through descriptions from friends, I expected a kind of inhospitable place. But my first minutes in Moscow and at the Plekhanov University proved me wrong. I was met by an university, which could have stand like this also in Germany. Therefore, the studying itself wasn’t far apart from my experiences in Germany, beside the language of the courses. What surprised me the most, was the difference in organization in terms of the schedule for the Master students. This was somewhat strange for me, but also allowed me to discover the Moscow and the Russian culture. The only downside for me, who had been used to life alone, was the dormitory. It was clean and for the center of Moscow really affordable, but with the others students I was more than one time really exhausted. But even though, this was an experience I don’t want to miss and I would always do it again.




        Zhang Shixiu (China)

        Master's program "International business"


Li Qiaowen, master's student

I am very honored to come to Plekhanov University of Economics. My name is Li Qiaowen and I am from China. As a master's student in management at Shandong University of Finance and Economics, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study here.

The moment the plane landed four months ago, the sunset in Moscow captivated me. I chose this school because of its excellent teaching level and geographical location. During this study period, I met outstanding teachers from the School of Management and classmates from different countries, and got their friendly help. In the classroom, the professors are serious, responsible, humorous, and stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm. In particular, professors Robin and Marina have taught us many classic theories, and explored the practical application of various theories through case analysis. They also take care of our lives. After class, my classmates and I teamed up actively to complete the homework, and also harvested our friendship.

More than four months of study and life ended in an instant. Thank you very much for your care and help, and I also warmly welcome you to China, where I am waiting for you.


       Valentina Zanollini (Italy)

       graduated in 2020

       Master's program "International business"


Valeriy Siris,  
IBS- Plekhanov  student,

As IBS-Plekhanov student of Economics (Finance and Credit profile) I have been given a chance to participate in the exchange program at Haute École de Gestion in Geneva from February to June 2020.

That was a very extraordinary exchange program, as it coincided with the global COVID-19 lockdown. However, it turned out that Switzerland, Geneva in particular was the best place in the world to stay during that time.

With regard to the course program offered at HÉG, I can firmly state that everything was at a very high level. Despite switching to online courses everything was well organized and did not cause any inconvenience either for students or for professors. There was no visible gap between the students as virtually everyone came from a different country. Moreover, the treatment from the side of the professors was very friendly and it really won the students over.

I feel genuinely fortunate and happy to have been in such a place at that time.

An extremely exciting aspect of my exchange program was about choosing the right minor subject. It was Shipping.

It grabbed my attention, because I had never come across such a discipline in management-related university programme. The course was professionally oriented at people who decided to work in the shipping industry, with cargoes and vessels. Despite the stereotype that "sea" is predominantly for seamen, there were girls, too.

It is worth mentioning that the final project in Shipping was a company valuation, in my case it was Teekay Tankers (TNK). Thanks to the numerous practical tasks I did on estimation the business's value in a number of courses at Plekhanov University of Economics (IBS-Plekhanov faculty), I passed that very exam in Geneva easily and was one of the best students in final task results.

In short, I accumulated rather unique and highly instructive knowledge and skills in a specific area. These would definitely add to my employment prospects.