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The title of the researchThe field of knowledgeThe objective of the research


Carrying out International Scientific Conference with a working name "Russian Economy at the crossroads: overcoming the neoliberalism and aggravation of crisis"​

Development of National Economy​
The analysis of the causes and nature of the crisis of the Russian economy in the global context, as well as the state of the welfare state as a result of anti-crisis measures of the Russian government

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Local government: strategy of perspective development

​Development of National Economy​​
Creation of the strategy of perspective development

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Forms and methods of supervisor measures application concerning the subjects of insurance business on the example of USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and recommendations for their adaptation and possible application in Russia taking into consideration Russian specifics​

​Development of National Economy
Submission of proposals on improvement of forms and methods of application of supervisory measures against insurers based on the experience of international insurance markets with consideration of the peculiarities of the Russian insurance market. Development of recommendations on adaptation of the proposed forms and methods of application of supervisory measures.
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​Development of the mechanism of increasing of sustainability of science-intensive industries in terms of strengthening of the risks of foreign trade and financial limits of the development     Project part (government job)

International Finances & Macroeconomics
Study of the formation of strategic knowledge-intensive integrated structures

Development of suggestions on actualization of Interstate program of innovative cooperation of CIS countries-participants for a period until 2020

​International Trade and Investment
Develop proposals for updating the Interstate program of innovation cooperation of States-participants of CIS for the period until 2020

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Government and economics: traditions and present (comparative legal study on the example of Russia and Israel)

​Development of National Economy
Conduct comparative legal research in Russia and Israel

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Organization by territorial police of monitoring of economic security of enterprises

The Economics of Crime
Organization of the territorial police of monitoring of economic security of enterprises

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Origin and evolution of the theory and practice of Russian parlimentarism (1905-1993)


Develop​ment of National Economy
Analysis of data on the origin and evolution of the theory and practice of Russian parliamentarism (1905-1993.)
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W​ays to improve effective attraction of investments and development prospects of the construction sector in Russia Federation

International Trade and Investment​​
Identify ways of attracting foreign investments on the basis of promising trends in the development of the construction sector

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