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The more Russian university of Economics recycles, the more we save money and contribute to a sustainable environment. Facilities works with campus partners such as Moscow Government to improve the University's recycling efforts. In recent years, the community recycled 90​ tons of mixed paper and cardboard, 20 tons of electronics, 7 tons of lamps, 1 ton of batteries, 20 tons of glass, metal and plastic and much more.

In our main campus students and tutors can recycle the next type of materials:

  • Paper and Cardboard

  • Glass, Metal and Plastic Containers

  • Computer and Other Electronic Equipment

  • Fluorescent Lamps and Other Mercury-Containing Devices

  • Batteries

  • Laboratory Chemicals

  • Laboratory Containers and Glassware

  • Printer and Copier Cartridges

  • Medical Waste

  • Silver

  • Big size waste (as furniture, tires…)