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bachelor / 4 years​ / full-time​​ / in English

The program is accredited
by Ltd «Оpora Rossii»

The program is accredited by European Council for Business Education, ECBE. 

Budjet places​ ​​​​​​​​

Program description​ 

The studying on the program is in English, including passing State Final Attestation.

As a part of the program students get professional knowledge of another foreign language.

There is an opportunity to study at foreign partner universities on double diploma program and exchange program. The share of foreign students studying on the program is 25%.

There are agreements on double diploma with Nottingham Trent University, Coventry University, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Business school NEOMA, Business school ESSEC, Business school KEDGE, Business School ESC, School of business ICN, Business School ESC Troyes, School of management IESEG.


open-book.png ​​​
State Diploma

3 Dorms 


Our graduates are employeed by: 


next-page.png Customer service manager
next-page.pngMarketing and Adversiting manager
next-page.pngQuality management system manager


​​​What will the graduate know?​​​​​

next-page.png​​Planning the activities of organizations and divisions
next-page.pngFormation of company's organization and manager structure
next-page.pngСollection, processing and analysis of information about the factors of the external and internal environment of the organization for making management decisions 
next-page.pngCreation and maintenance of databases on different indicators of organization's functioning
ОEvaluation of projects' efficiency

The employment rate of graduates is 91%


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​​​​​​​​​Main program's subjects​​​

International marketing

Market statistics

Marketing management

Law regulation of marketing

Practice on higher mathematics

Information technologies in marketing


Behavior of consumers

Marketing communications

Intercultural communications

Computer design methods


Advertising and public relations

Project management

Bank marketing

International business

Risk management in commercial activities

Marketing research

Brand management


Business game Business administration


Skorobogatykh Irina Ivanovna Grineva Olga Olegovna Ivashkova Natalia IvanovnaPerepelkin Nikolay Alexandrovich

Some classes and lectures are taught by professors from University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem (the Netherlands), Diplomatic Academy in Prague (Czech Republic), University of Calabria (Italy), University of Applied Sciences in Wurzburg (Germany), Regents University (Great Britain), NEOMA Business school (France) and other partner universities.
Some guest lectures are taught by invited speakers from business environment: Star Management Consulting, Moscow International Monetary Association, Mercury, PJSC TransContainer, Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, R&P Consulting.