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Rector's message for applicants 2020

​​​ Dear friends,


We invite you to enter the leading economic University of Russia. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is 113 years old. Its long life - is a history of successful graduates' careers, outstanding professors, leading scientific researches and business projects.


We offer you studying based on international accredited programs. You will be able to internship in top Russian and foreign companies - studying and training based on leading management technology, effective economic models and business project.


The   quality   of   education   at   Plekhanov   University   confirmed   by top positions in Russian and international rankings as well as the employers' opinions. These things will become a guarantee of quality of your education, successful employment and rapid career growth.


Start your way to success with us - and the University image will

become a part of your business reputation. 

We sincerely wish you good luck!