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The Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is committed to providing disabled students, guests and tutors with access to its residential and teaching buildings and other facilities. 



Conditions provided by the University for persons with disabilities and the limited possibilities of health:

1. Unimpeded access of students and persons with disabilities to the University building;

2. Comfortable stay of students with disabilities and persons with disabilities at the University is provided by obtaining spatial information through tactile-touch terminals and tactile mimics with duplication of information in Braille;


3. Tactile marking, the activation buttons of the help system, ramps, lifts, handrails, expanded doorways, stair lifts, mobile;

4. Specialized multimedia classrooms equipped with induction loops and workstations with the function of adjusting the height of the table (9 classrooms, including 2 lecture halls);




5. Access to electronic versions of teaching materials and educational literature for each discipline of the curriculum (in the electronic information and educational environment of the organization and electronic library systems), which can be viewed in large font mode on the monitor screen using Windows software;


6. Support of disabled persons and persons with disabilities in the learning process, aimed at the control of learning activities (Tutors) and social adaptation (volunteer center); 


7. Psychological support of disabled persons and persons with disabilities in the learning process; 


8. Dwelling in a dormitory, adapted for use by persons with disabilities, which are available upon request for this category of students; 


9. The availability of parking facilities for people with disabilities.



Library facilities and resources

The University offer disabled users specific support when using library facilities, such as:

• access to library facilities

• assistive technology

• alternative formats service


For further information and more assistance, you can visit us in our office:

PRUE Social Office

Address:117997, Moscow, Stremyanny per., 36 

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics 

Building 3, room 343

Tel.: +7 (499) 237-18-18; (ext. 11-74)

Office hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00